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MozzaRisella SLICES original, organic, 80g

MozzaRisella SLICES original, organic, 80g
MozzaRisella SLICES original, organic, 80g
  • 80 grams
  • A006060
  • 8032754340233
  • MozzaRisella


Content: 80g

INGREDIENTS: Preperation from Bio SuRice®* 46% (water, germinated whole grain rice* 20,8%, apple vinegar*, salt), water, cold pressed coconut oil*, lemon juice*, thickening agent: agar-agar, arabic gum, xanthan gum, locust bean gum; vegetable lactic acid, turmeric* 0,01%, natural flavouring 0,04%. (* = certified organic)

ALLERGY ADVICE: This product is free from lactose, gluten and soya.

CHILLED PRODUCT! Please store between 2° and 7°C.

Distributor Information

Frescolat SRL, Via Paolo Viganò 22, 31031 Caerano di San Marco TV, IT

Are you a fan of aromatic cheddar flavour but vegan variants just coulnd't convince you by now? Then you've finally found the right product for your needs - the MozzaRisella Slices Cheddar Style! This super delicious alternative not only convinces with it's incredibly delicious flavour but also with it's diligently chosen igredients which are only high-quality.

The Basis of the vegan MozzaRisella Slices from Frescolat is made of a nutritious combination of organic sprouted whole rice and native, cold-pressed coconut oil. This leads this vegan speciality to having many unsaturated fatty acids and a very high amount of essential carbohydrates. The MozzaRisella Slices are truly a magnificent example of a vegan alternative which actually outperforms the original by far!

Naturally you can use this vegan slices just as versatile as you used to do with the animal-based product. They taste great cold and warm on bread and buns. But they are also suitible for gratinating toast hawai and many other dishes. You could even try your luck with completely new creations. How about a gratinated appetizer or a hearty dessert? With this vegan MozzaRisella Slices you get the opportunity to lend almost anything a nice and hearty taste of cheddar, wihout the need of animal-based products.

Frescolat not only created a milk-free and thus a lactose-free innovation but they also used this opportunity to get rid of all the known allergens in their MozzaRisella. This slices are completely free from lactose, soya, edible nuts and even grains which might contain gluten. The MozzaRisella slices are perfectly suitable for everyone who suffers from food allergies and also for anyone who has realitves or friends with food allergies. Finally you can avoid uncomfortable situations in which you weren't even able to offer your friends or relatives a simple Sandwich. Just tear down any walls which are placed in front of you by food allergies - order this delicious MozzaRisella Slices today!

Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

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Nutrition information per 100g
Energy 766kJ/ 185kcal
Fat 16g
of which saturated 14g
Carbohydrates 8,5g
of which sugar 0,3g
Protein 0,7g
Salt 1,5g
  • Certified organic
  • Cool shipping recommended
  • Free from peanut
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from garlic
  • Free from lupin
  • Free from palm-oil
  • Free from peel fruits
  • Free from celery
  • Free from mustard
  • Free from sesame
  • Free from soy
  • Free from wheat
  • Free from sugar
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Customer evaluation for "MozzaRisella SLICES original, organic, 80g"
11 Aug 2019

Gut mit dezentem Aha-Effekt

Konsistenz etwas zu locker, kann aber an den recht dünn geschnittenen Scheiben liegen. Geruch und Geschmack liegen auseinander: Geruch mit leichter Parmesannote, Geschmack wie gesalzener Mozzarella. Von mir 8 von 10 Punkten.

10 Aug 2019

Gesund und lecker

Ich liebe alle Produkte von Mozzarisella und seitdem sie gekeimten Reis nehmen esse ich den "Käse" noch lieber, weil im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Produkten nicht nur nichts Schlechtes, sondern sogar etwas Gutes darin enthalten ist. Die Konsistenz und der Geschmack ist nicht so "käsig" wie bei Violey oder violife, aber die Scheiben schmecken trotzdem richtig gut auf dem Brot :). Mal was anderes und dazu noch gesund.

21 Jan 2019

Nicht die beste Käsealternative.

Die Konsistenz ist gut, der Geschmack der puren Scheiben ist mir zu sehr nach Kokos(-öl). Nach Cheddar schmecken diese Scheiben gar nicht. Im Sandwich mit Salat und Tomaten ok, da der Eigengeschmack dann nicht so durchkommt.

22 Aug 2018


Den hatte ich als liebes Geschenk in meiner letzten Bestellung, Danke schön dafür! Feines Aroma, lecker käsiger Geschmack - wird wieder gekauft :-) Ach so, überbacken hab ich ihn (noch) nicht, fühlt sich aber so an, als könnte es klappen.

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