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Testa OMEGA-3 DHA + EPA 45 capsules

Testa OMEGA-3 DHA + EPA 45 capsules
Testa OMEGA-3 DHA + EPA 45 capsules
  • 48 grams
  • A005747
  • 8719324195133
  • Testa
VEGAN OMEGA-3 CAPSULES FOR ORAL INTAKE. Content 45 capsules INGREDIENTS: Algae oil... more


Content 45 capsules

INGREDIENTS: Algae oil from Schizochtrium sp., glycerine, corn starch, carrageen, sunflower oil, d-alpha tocopherol, rosemary extract, antioxidant (tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate), acidity regulator (sodium carbonate).

Omega-3 per capsule: > 450 mg
- including DHA:          > 250 mg
- including EPA:          > 125 mg

Please notice: Dietary supplements are no replacement for a well-balanced diet. The recommended daily intake of 1 tablet should not be exceeded. Keep away from children.

Distributor Information

Testa Omega 3, Dammerweg 15d, 1394 GM Nederhorst den Berg, NL

Are you searching for vegan and environmentally friendly Omega-3 capsules? Then you've come to the right place!

These plant-based capsules are completly free from all animal-based ingredients, meaning they are 100% vegan. Because of the fact that they are completly devoid of animal-based contents theis product provides the perfect alternative to conventional Omega-3 capsules.

What exactly is Omega-3? Omega-3 are unsaturated fatty acids and just as essential as most vitamins. Thus they play a big role in a truly human diet. No matter if unborn baby, pregnant woman, child, adult or elderly citizens, Omega-3 is never to be underestimated. The positive aspects of Omega-3 are almost uncountable. Several studies already approved the positive effects Omega-3 has on the human . The included ingredients EPA and DHA are essential for preventing many known heart dysfunctions. This makes These capsules the perfect choice for sufferers of cardiovascular system weaknesses or coronary heart disease patients. The positive aspects are not bound to the heart only. Your eyes will also thank you for allocating natural DHA for them and thus helping your retina to be provided with one of the most crusial unsaturated fatty acids. Especially the elderly often suffer from bad sight. The sooner you start preventing future undersupplies the better! Parts of Omega-3 are located in each and every cell in the human body, even in the brain. Studies have already shown that regular consumption of Omega-3 is beneficial to almost all thinking abilities and Memory of the brain. You can buy these affordable capsules here for an unbeatable price!

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Nutrition information per 100g
Energy kJ/ 8,5kcal
Fat 0,8g
of which saturated 0,0g
Carbohydrates 0,3g
of which sugar 0,0g
Protein 0,0g
Salt 0,0g
  • Free from peanut
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from yeast
  • Free from garlic
  • Free from lupin
  • Free from palm-oil
  • Free from peel fruits
  • Free from celery
  • Free from mustard
  • Free from sesame
  • Free from soy
  • Free from wheat
  • Free from sugar
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Customer evaluation for "Testa OMEGA-3 DHA + EPA 45 capsules"
15 Nov 2016

Toll zur Vorbeugung verschiedener Krankheiten

Ich hab in einem Artikel gelesen, dass bei Omega-3-Mangel chronische Entzündungen gefördert werden und Schuld an Krankheiten wie Arthritis oder Parodontitis sein soll. Und weil ich Veganer bin und deswegen kein Fischöl zu mir nehmen möchte bin ich zum Glück hier drauf gestoßen.

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